Energy Audits and Insulation

Michigan's Leading Mechanical Insulation - Northern PipingContrast Mechanical provides a full range of mechanical insulation services for all types of mechanical systems.  Our services include insulation for the following systems:

  • Hydronic piping, both indoor and outdoor
  • Domestic water piping
  • HVAC duct
  • Refrigerant piping
  • Process piping
  • Kitchen grease duct exhaust
  • Storage Tanks

We also conduct energy audits of existing insulation systems to ensure that you are getting the most out of your mechanical systems and minimizing any and all waste caused by a lack of proper or functioning insulation.  We will review your current needs and system and determine the best plan to optimize your cost savings.

DID YOU KNOW?  Both Consumer’s Energy and DTE offer incentives to business customers for energy-efficient upgrades tailored to reduce energy, including pipe and duct insulation.  Call us today for more information on these programs and to get started.

Contrast works with Northern Piping, Michigan’s leading mechanical insulation company, for all mechancial insulation projects.



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