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Benefits of Custom Mechanical Service Agreements

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Plumbing and HVAC Service - MichiganContrast Mechanical prides itself on being able to respond to any service call involving commercial and industrial mechanical systems.  But, did you know that in addition to our individual service calls, we also provide custom outsourced maintenance and service agreements.  We enter into these arrangements with clients that require a more comprehensive solution for their mechanical systems.  Our typical clients include school districts, universities, assisted living facilities, office buildings and commercial facilities, property management companies, and large residential complexes and hotels.

So, what are the benefits of such an arrangement?

1)  Predetermined pricing and rates - we predetermine all the pricing and rates up front, including labor and material for the life of the contract.  You don’t have to worry about starting your contractor search each time a problem arises.

2)  Instant response and quick resolution - by having your service contractor all set, we are ready to respond instantly to any problems that come up.  No google searches and scheduling while your systems are down.  One call and we will be on site for get your back to normal.

3)  Single point of contact for all issues - since we are a complete mechanical company, we cover all mechanical systems, including plumbing, HVAC, boilers, pipe-fitting, gas, insulation, controls, fire suppression, balancing – you name it.  You don’t have to juggle 5 different contractors.  We are your single point of contact for all issues.

4)  Familiarity with your facility, staff and needs - get the peace of mind of having a contractor that already knows your staff and facility.  It will benefit in the long run.

5)  Consistent and reliable results - you know exactly the quality of work that you are receiving.  And you know it will be done on time.

6)  Preset seasonal start-ups, shut-downs and preventive inspections - we take care of all scheduled maintenance, and we track it for you.  We will remind you of all seasonal, preventative, or state mandated requirements.  Less stress and paperwork for you and your staff.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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