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Interesting and Cool New Construction Technologies

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Technologies using mobile in constructionWe are huge fans of new technologies here at Contrast Mechanical, both technologies that improve the way construction services are delivered and technologies that actually improve our clients’ lives.  I wanted to point out two cool new technologies in the latter category.  Although we focus exclusively on commercial and industrial markets, and these are currently residential applications, I still think they show the kind of cutting edge solutions we will see in the coming years, especially with mobile optimized products.

Nest Learning Thermostat

This new thermostat is incredible.  First, it learns from your temperature changes.  No set temperatures or rigid programs.  Instead, it remembers the temperatures you like and builds its own schedule – all you need to do is turn it up and down and eventually it takes over.   Second, it uses sensors to detect when you are away and automatically, yes automatically, will turn down your heating or air conditioning.  Moreover, it learns your schedule so it knows how much inactivity means you are actually out of your house.  Third, it can be controlled from your mobile device – such as iPhone or Android – from anywhere.

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This is a very new product.  Essentially, this product fits over your existing deadbolts and allows you to lock / unlock your door from anywhere via your mobile device.   It can also automatically detect when you are close via your smartphone and unlock automatically.  Additional features include notifications when someone else unlocks your door and a vibration sensor that can alert you via your phone when someone is knocking.  Don’t worry, you can always use your trusty key.

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Cool stuff.

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